We offer chimney sweeping in Leicestershire. We also offer stove service, CCTV of chimneys, bird nest removal, downdraft problem solving, chimney cowl fitting, chimney flaunching, new pots fitted, chimney lining, stove removal, stove fitting and twin wall flue installations

We offer an enormous range of chimney sweeping services for people in Leicestershire. Take a scroll below and should you want to contact us you can complete the form at the very bottom and we’ll be in touch.

Chimney Sweeping

A chimney sweep isn’t just in Mary Poppins. We play an important role to maintain the heart of the household. Having your chimney swept regularly will aid in the prevention of chimney fires and reduce any harmful or even dangerous fumes from entering your lungs through blockages and clogs or flueways and chimneys


Trained and assessed to carry out compliant work


Trusted by customers. 5 Star Reviews


We carry ID cards for peace of mind

Stove Installation

It’s becoming a new trend to have stoves fitted, especially with the growing demand for renewable energy solutions. Stoves can be a highly cost-effective way to heat your home. To make sure your stoves are fitted correctly, work safely and efficiently, it’s extremely important that your installation is carried out by a properly trained and registered company. Thurnby Chimney Sweeps are HETAS trained and ready to help.


Trained and assessed to carry out compliant work


Save both time and money and ensure your appliance works safely and efficiently


Receive a certificate of compliance following the completion of the installation

Stove Servicing

Thurnby Chimney Sweeps are HETAS trained and ready to help. We offer service and maintenance for your stoves.

CCTV of Chimneys

Chimney flues are hidden by their very nature. Although our highly experienced staff can guide you through a lot of likely problems that may be present, sometimes it’s better to use a CCTV camera. This gives us the best view of the condition of the chimney without having to open up access holes. The camera is passed through the full height of the chimney flue (from the top in most cases). We can also evaluate the condition of the chimney as well as its dimensions through this method.

Bird Nest Removals

We aim to break the nest up using a hard, small brush or a metal nest removal tool. It’s a very labour-intensive task indeed. As we take out parts of the nest, we then increase the size of the brush in stages until the nest is completely removed.

Downdraft Problem Solving

Smoke is meant to rise, but sometimes backdraft gets confused with having a drafty fireplace. Cold air travels down the chimney and enters your home. This causes smoke to come back down the chimney and into your home. We can help to restore your chimney to it’s usual self.

Chimney Cowl Fitting

A chimney cowl is a fitting that goes to the top of your chimney to enhance and improve its functionality. This could be to prevent birds nesting on your chimney or to prevent rain entering. To increase updraft or decrease downdraft, or to stop sparks and ember going on to a thatched roof. We can fit all types of chimney cowls.

Chimney Flaunching

This is where a bed of mortar holds the chimney pots in place at the top of a chimney stack. Over time, mortar will deteriorate which will make the chimney pots insecure. This could be a hazard in high winds, leading to damage of your roof, your property, and could land on passers-by or family. We can assess your chimney for wear and tear and make recommendations for you.

Twin Wall Flue Fitting

Twin wall flue is a double layered insulated stainless steel metal flue pipe that transports gases from wood burning or multi fuel stoves into the atmosphere. We are fully trained to fit and install.